Torture in Cuba
June 2010
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Posted on Tuesday, 06.15.10
‘s statements on Israel called anti-Semitic

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Broward County is denouncing
anti-Israel statements made this week by former Cuban Fidel
Castro, which she calls “outrageous” and “anti-Semitic.”

Castro, who often issues his musings on world affairs through the
government-run media, said this week that:

“The hatred felt by the state of Israel against the Palestinians is
such that they would not hesitate to send the 1 ½ million men, women and
children of that country to the crematoria where millions of Jews of all
ages were exterminated by the Nazis,” Castro said. “It would seem that
the Fuehrer’s swastika is today Israel’s banner,” he said, referencing
Adolf Hitler

In a prepared statement, Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Weston whose
district stretches from Broward County to North Miami-Dade, said:

“These outrageous anti-Semitic comments are an insult to the millions
of Jews who were systematically killed or tortured by the Nazis,”
Wasserman Schultz said. “To compare the people who survived Nazi death
camps, or their relatives, to Nazis themselves shows an inexcusable
level of ignorance and insensitivity to the Jewish people.”

Castro’s comments come at a time when the United Nations
Council is debating Israel’s actions last month when it boarded a ship
that tried to break the country’s naval blockade on Gaza.

Wasserman Shultz said although Castro is no longer officially in power
– his brother Raúl is Cuba’s leader — Fidel Castro’s statements are
still viewed as island’s official stand.

“These aren’t just the comments of some doddering anti-Semite who is
losing his faculties,” Wasserman Schultz said. “These malicious
comments were officially distributed by Cuba’s government. They should
be seen as what they are — an official position of the Cuban government
and endorsement of hateful anti-Semitism.”

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