Torture in Cuba
May 2012
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About Hatred / Cuban Law Association, Wilfredo Vallín Almeida

Cuban Law Association, Translator: Unstated, Wilfredo Vallin Almeida

No one shall be subjected to torture nor to cruel, inhuman or degrading …

In the early days of U.S. intervention in Afghanistan, in the course of

military operations, a scene shown on Cuban television remained in my


A fighter against the Taliban power entered a small town where, shot

down by insurgents, there were several bodies on the floor. Approaching

one of them, which he seemed to recognize, he began to kick it furiously.

A question immediately came to my mind: What relation could the dead man

have had with him, to fill him with such hatred? What had happened

between them?

I'll never know what happened, but it immediately brought to my mind

words like these:

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the inviolability of his person.

Did the Taliban, possessors of total power at the time, think that it

would last forever and they would never have to answer for their actions

and in that belief they acted as they did?

Examples of such attitudes abound, but there they are, for those who

want document them, Nero and Caligula in ancient Rome, Adolf Hitler in

, Benito Mussolini in Italy, Joseph Stalin in Russia, Mengistu

Haile Mariam in Ethiopia, Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania, Pol Pot in

Kampuchea, and many others who would make this list too long.

But there are other examples that call in another direction:

And it is not land that constitutes what is called the integrity of the

Homeland. The Homeland is more than oppression, more than pieces of land

without and without life, more that the right of possession by

force. The Homeland is a community of interests, unity of traditions,

unity of purpose, sweet and comforting fusion of love and hope.

This and no other is the direction in which we should go. Because we

must avoid, before it is too late, having to hear these words:

Whereas disregard and contempt for have resulted in

barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind…

Whereas it is essential that human rights are protected by the rule of

law, so that no man be compelled to have recourse to rebellion against

tyranny and oppression…

I hope sanity prevails over hate.

2 May 2012

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