Torture in Cuba
March 2014
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CARICOM supports Venezuela amid reports of students being shot by Cuban

CARICOM and its member governments may be judged as guilty of the deaths
of Venezuelan protesters, as if they pulled the triggers themselves.
Peter Binose

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent, Tuesday March 18, 2014 – In early 2014, a series
of protests, political demonstrations, and civil unrest occurred
throughout Venezuela. The protests erupted largely as a result of the
high levels of criminal violence, inflation, and chronic scarcity of
basic goods. These are caused by the economic policies of Venezuela’s
government, including strict price controls, which have led to one of
the highest inflation rates in the world. President Nicoläs Maduro
instead blamed an “economic war” being waged against his government,
specifically blaming capitalism and speculation. As a result, protests
opposing the current government have taken place in cities around the
country; clashes that have resulted from these protests have led to
arrests, injuries, and deaths.

Venezuela students are being slaughtered on the streets of Caracas.
Students who are demonstrating in the streets against the Maduro
socialist [Marxist] government are being shot by Cuban snipers. There
are up to 5,000 military members of the Cuban Special Forces, Avispas
Negras—literally the “black wasps”—they arrived in plain clothes and
based themselves in Caracas undercover, using government buildings and
roof top sniper nest’s.

Young women students are being singled out on the streets for knife and
blade slashings, the breasts and buttocks are being slashed by these
same Cubans. The Cubans know how to infiltrate the protests, dressed as
civilians, and they move all around Venezuela to neutralize the
protestors’ advance, Several hundred people have been detained since the
protests started, and there have also been reports of torture, including
one of a student who was sexually assaulted with a rifle.

Venezuela is Cuba’s top trading partner and aid provider, to the tune of
$3.5 billion a year and 115,000 barrels of oil a day, according to The
Economist. Cuba pays its neighbour back in doctors, as well as in
intelligence and security officers. It also lends a hand in times of
crisis by sending in their urban warfare fighters the Avispas Negras—the
“black wasps”.

Without Venezuela Cuba is actually dead in the water, they have ponced
off the Venezuelan economy for so many years they have all but dragged
Venezuela down to their level. They cannot let the Venezuelan socialist
government fall, because if it does they will be declared a bankrupt
state in a very short time.

Venezuela has been reduced from a wealthy oil state to a failed state
with 57.3% being the current inflation. It started with Hugo Chavez a
Marxist who had charisma. He took over almost every corporation in the
country and almost all of industry has now ground to a halt. You go into
grocery shops and the shelves are bare, people line up outside
supermarkets awaiting deliveries, which very often does not arrive. More
often then not there are is no toilet paper or sanitary napkins for
ladies in the shops.

Chavez purchased several billion US dollars worth of military arms and
equipment from the Russians, instead of paying cash he committed crude
oil to the Russians over the next ten years. This procedure took
billions of dollars of cash flow out of the economy.

Chavez also with his Marxist expansionist beliefs, worked out with the
Cubans how to entrap most of the small Caribbean states and poverty
ridden South American countries, they worked out how to create a Marxist
Union of countries without the need of training revolutionaries and
fighting revolutionary battles on numerous fronts. It was seen by them
as a quick, clean and easy way of capturing the minds and souls of most
of the hemisphere. All it required was a stick and carrot and a
collection of leaders with Marxist indoctrinated minds, people they
could rely on to collaborate and eventually sell out their countries.
They invented ALBA, and the carrot was PetroCaribe which would fund
ailing states run by socialist fiscal dunces.

Most of us forget that the Castro’s had agreed with Chavez to join
Venezuela and Cuba together and for Chavez to be the president of the
whole amalgamated state. Unfortunatly for Cuba, and one may say more
unfortunately for Chavez, Chavez died at a comparatively young age.

In Caracas, the governments of Cuba and Venezuela signed 56
collaboration agreements during February 2014. The Cubans are panicking
and trying to tie the Venezuelan state down, in the hope that if it
fails they will have some legal recourse against a new government.

You can see how the indoctrinated minds of Caribbean leaders are
working, when you consider that CARICOM which is currently under the
leadership of SVG’s prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves made a statement of
solidarity and support for Venezuela’s President Maduro, the very regime
that is killing students and demonstraters.

CARICOM and its member governments may be judged as guilty of the deaths
of Venezuelan protesters, as if they pulled the triggers themselves.
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The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Peter
Binose. Peter Binose, self appointed keeper of the whistle, and blowing

Source: OPINION: CARICOM supports Venezuela amid reports of students
being shot by Cuban snipers – Caribbean360 –

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