Torture in Cuba
April 2021
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Uncertainty whittles away hope for Cuban migrants stranded in Panama BY MARIO J. PENTÓN GUALACA, PANAMA The color green seems to fill everything in Chiriqui, the western province of Panama where the government is holding 124 undocumented Cuban migrants. The morning’s quiet amid huge pine trees is broken only by the hum of insects […] Continue reading
Cuba first among nations to end mother-to-child HIV, syphilis – Island nation helped by integrated, national health system – WHO effort seeks to get rates so low they are no longer health problem – Officials believe U.S. has met requirements as well BY CHRIS ADAMS WASHINGTON World health officials say Cuba has become the […] Continue reading
How a Canadian businessman lost everything in Cuba JEFF GRAY The Globe and Mail Last updated Friday, Mar. 20 2015, 8:14 PM EDT Canadian businessman Sarkis Yacoubian only knew his Cuban interrogator – the Cubans call them “instructors” – as Major Carlito. When they first met in the dim basement of the Havana house where […] Continue reading
Tribunal de EEUU falla contra banco español en disputa con víctimas del régimen cubano Posted on 26 agosto, 2014 Por Wilfredo Cancio Isla Un tribunal federal de Nueva York decidió que el Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), de España, no puede cuestionar la jurisdicción de jueces de circuito de la Florida que otorgaron millones de […] Continue reading
Demystifying las UMAP: The Politics of Sugar, Gender, and Religion in 1960s Cuba Joseph Tahbaz ’15 History major Dartmouth College Abstract: The UMAP, las Unidades Militares de Ayuda a la Producción, were forced-work agricultural labor camps operated by the Cuban government during the mid-1960s in the east-central province of Camagüey. The current academic literature […] Continue reading
Cuba Grants Prison Access on Own Terms First visit in years highlights lack of regular outside monitoring. By Yaremis Flores Marín – Latin America 8 May 13 When the Cuban authorities offered foreign journalists rare access to the prison system last month, it was very much on their own terms. The visit took place on [...] Continue reading
Posted on Friday, 05.03.13 Watchdog group: Cuba cheated on its UN human rights review From the summary of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR): • More than 30 NGOs reported “that there is a separation of powers in Cuba, which ensures that the judiciary can perform its duties without interference from the other branches of government.” [...] Continue reading
North Korea, Cuba and Iran Criticize Canada’s Lack of Human Rights at UN April 27, 2013 By Daniel Greenfield The moral authority of the United Nations and its supporters and defenders has as much value as the moral authority of the North Korean, Chinese, Cuban, Russian, Saudi and other totalitarian regimes that actually dominate it. [...] Continue reading
America's forgotten prisoner languishes in Cuban jail PAUL KORING WASHINGTON — The Globe and Mail Published Thursday, Nov. 22 2012, 10:07 PM EST Suffering from a mysterious ailment and having lost nearly 50 kilograms languishing in Cuban prisons for nearly three years, Alan Gross is perhaps America's most forgotten prisoner. The development worker, with experience [...] Continue reading The Cuban Government Before the Committee Against Torture / Dora Leonor Mesa Dora Leonor Mesa, Translator: mlk By Miriam Leiva, Havana 06/07/2012 Cuban authorities for more than nine years avoided the analysis of their violations of human rights in the United Nations Committee on Torture; a period that coincides with the uprising of March [...] Continue reading
Risky Business: Investing in Cuba Is More Than Just a Financial Gamble By Justin Rohrlich Jun 20, 2012 1:45 pm "It's hard to argue against weeding out corruption. Sometimes, in the process, you break a couple of eggs." MINYANVILLE ORIGINAL Investment risk can mean a number of different things. This past fall, British businessman Amado [...] Continue reading
Beset by online surveillance and content filtering, netizens fight onPublished on Monday 12 March 2012. This report, which presents the 2012 list of countries that are "Enemies of the Internet" and "under surveillance," updates the report published on 12 March 2011. The last report, released in March 2011 at the climax of the Arab Spring, [...] Continue reading
Declaration of Principles / Miriam CelayaMiriam Celaya, Translator: Unstated Yesterday, February 23, 2012, for a second time, Cuban TV has honored me by exposing my image — along with those of several other independent journalists and dissidents — in the national news. The previous occasion occurred months ago, during an unfortunate program televised through the [...] Continue reading
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