Torture in Cuba
October 2019
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Cuban Refugees Flocking to Texas Border by Julián Aguilar March 22, 2016 The same week President Obama makes the first trip to Cuba by an American president in almost 90 years, The Rolling Stones will play a free concert in Havana — the first open-air show there by a British rock band. But changing times […] Continue reading
U.S. recovers Hellfire air-to-ground missile from Cuba WASHINGTON/HAVANA The United States has recovered an inert Hellfire air-to-ground missile that had mistakenly ended up in Cuba, U.S. and Cuban officials said on Saturday. The laser-guided AGM 114 Hellfire mistakenly arrived in Cuba in June 2014 and was retrieved on Saturday by U.S. officials and representatives of […] Continue reading
Cuban migrants could lose easy access to green cards Daniel González, The Republic | 9:21 p.m. MST February 21, 2015 STORY HIGHLIGHTS – Experts say the ‘wet-foot, dry-foot’ policy may soon end as U.S. and Cuba normalize relations – Fears that the policy could end has triggered a spike in Cuban migrants trying to […] Continue reading
Obama’s new policy toward Cuba could mark the end of the olive-green autocracy / Ivan Garcia Posted on January 7, 2015 I understand the discontent of an important sector of Cubans in exile and within the internal dissidence. On 17 November, just one month before the momentous diplomatic turn of events between Cuba and the […] Continue reading
Publicado el viernes, 08.15.14 Ex boxeador cubano acusa a Yasiel Puig por arresto de hermano JORGE EBRO JEBRO@ELNUEVOHERALD.COM Cuando Yunior Despaigne supo que su hermano Eduardo Antonio Soriano Díaz había sido condenado en Cienfuegos a cinco años de privación de libertad por tráfico humano, la noticia le impactó con más fuerza que todos los golpes […] Continue reading
Abuses at the Border / Rosa Maria Rodriguez Posted on March 22, 2014 On March 7th I returned to Cuba from Miami and they seized seventy pounds of food from me. I doesn’t matter that I bought the ticket at the travel agency, sent the money and packages to my Country through “Go Cuba,” which […] Continue reading
Demystifying las UMAP: The Politics of Sugar, Gender, and Religion in 1960s Cuba Joseph Tahbaz ’15 History major Dartmouth College Abstract: The UMAP, las Unidades Militares de Ayuda a la Producción, were forced-work agricultural labor camps operated by the Cuban government during the mid-1960s in the east-central province of Camagüey. The current academic literature […] Continue reading
Posted on Thursday, 07.11.13 Cuba’s ex-prisons chief — accused of human-rights abuses — is back in the U.S. BY DAVID NORIEGA AND JUAN O. TAMAYO JTAMAYO@ELNUEVOHERALD.COM A former Cuban prisons chief who was living in Miami and returned hastily to the island after he was accused of human-rights abuses is now back again in the [...] Continue reading
Posted on Friday, 11.30.12 Report: Cuban prisons chief accused of abuse leaves Miami for Cuba The former provincial prison chief was under investigation by U.S. immigration By Juan O. Tamayo Crescencio Marino Rivero, a former Cuba prisons chief who moved to Miami, has returned to the island amid charges that he abused prisoners and [...] Continue reading
Posted on Sunday, 11.18.12 Cubans lament dirty pasts of hundreds living safe in exile Hundreds of Cubans with dubious pasts, including State Security officers and snitches, have moved to Miami, much to the disgust of those they tormented. By JUAN O. TAMAYO Havana activist Elizardo Sánchez says he bears no ill will for the [...] Continue reading
Posted on Sunday, 06.26.11 Despite Mariel agreement, U.S. deports man to Cuba after almost 30 years Technically, only Cubans who arrived during the Mariel boatlift can be sent back to the island if they are criminals, but several cases of non-Mariel deportations have emerged.By ALFONSO One day in March 2010 Abraham Gonzalez, a Cuban [...] Continue reading
Posted on Tuesday, 06.21.11 IMMIGRATION Cubans who can't be deported could end up detained in U.S. Cubans with deportation orders are alarmed about a bill in Congress that immigrant rights activists say could lead to indefinite detentions.By ALFONSO Julio Muñoz, who arrived during the Mariel boatlift in 1980, spent more time in immigration detention [...] Continue reading