Torture in Cuba
June 2020
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Elderly Cuban couple still detained nearly a month after judge denies asylum BY NORA GÁMEZ TORRES AND ABEL FERNÁNDEZ An elderly Cuban couple detained upon arrival at Miami International airport following an end to the “wet foot, dry foot” immigration policy remain in custody, almost a month after a judge denied their asylum application. […] Continue reading
‘From now on you have no name. You are prisoner 217’: life in a Cuban jail A brutal high-security prison was the last place Stephen Purvis expected to end up when he moved to Havana. Stephen Gibbs tells his story Stephen Gibbs Sunday 19 March 2017 09.00 GMT If you happened to go to a […] Continue reading
Tampa men on opposite sides of the Cuba question to debate in Ybor By Paul Guzzo | Tribune Staff Published: October 4, 2015 TAMPA — Al Fox and Ralph Fernandez are strident champions of opposite positions on the Cuba question, but the two Tampa men might agree on one thing: When it comes to their […] Continue reading
Judge Denies Daughter’s Cuba Damages Claim Under TRIA for Father’s Death By Patricia Hurtado | May 1, 2015 A federal judge who will sentence BNP Paribas SA Friday for violating U.S. sanctions against Sudan, Iran and Cuba on Thursday rejected a Cuban-American woman’s bid for compensation for her father’s death at the hands of the […] Continue reading
Spanish Bank Can’t Deflect Claims by Cuba Terror Victims Jan Wolfe, The Litigation Daily August 25, 2014 After winning about $3.5 billion in default judgments against the Republic of Cuba, Fidel Castro’s persecuted political opponents and their families have cleared a hurdle in their bid to seize frozen Cuban assets at global banks including Spain’s […] Continue reading
Posted on Tuesday, 04.22.14 Plea change set for 1984 US-to-Cuba hijacker THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MIAMI — A change of plea hearing has been set for an American who returned from Cuba decades after hijacking a jetliner to the communist island. U.S. District Judge Robin Rosenbaum on Tuesday scheduled a May 2 hearing for 57-year-old William […] Continue reading
Many Cuban blacks suffered longer incarceration in Castro’s dungeons and torture chambers “Axis of Evil” Alive and Well By Humberto Fontova (Bio and Archives) Monday, August 19, 2013 “Foreign reporters—preferably American—were much more valuable to us at that time (1957-59) than any military victory. Much more valuable than recruits for our guerrilla force, were American […] Continue reading
Posted on Thursday, 07.11.13 Cuba’s ex-prisons chief — accused of human-rights abuses — is back in the U.S. BY DAVID NORIEGA AND JUAN O. TAMAYO JTAMAYO@ELNUEVOHERALD.COM A former Cuban prisons chief who was living in Miami and returned hastily to the island after he was accused of human-rights abuses is now back again in the [...] Continue reading
Cuba says will consider U.N. and Red Cross visits ReutersBy Stephanie Nebehay | Reuters By Stephanie Nebehay GENEVA (Reuters) – Cuba said on Friday it would consider letting in U.N. human rights investigators to examine allegations of torture and repression and allowing Red Cross officials access its prisons after a gap of nearly 25 years. [...] Continue reading
Posted on Sunday, 11.18.12 Cubans lament dirty pasts of hundreds living safe in exile Hundreds of Cubans with dubious pasts, including State Security officers and snitches, have moved to Miami, much to the disgust of those they tormented. By JUAN O. TAMAYO Havana activist Elizardo Sánchez says he bears no ill will for the [...] Continue reading
The Solitude of the Desert / Angel Santiesteban Angel Santiesteban, Translator: Unstated Translator's note: This blog post does NOT relate to Angel's most recent arrest this week. It relates to a series of criminal charges the regime fabricated against him in order to be able to imprison him as a "criminal" rather than as a [...] Continue reading
Posted on Tuesday, 10.02.12 Retired spy in Brothers to the Rescue case lives in obscurity in Havana By Tracey Eaton Florida Center for Investigative Reporting HAVANA — Lt. Col. Juan Pablo Roque wore his Rolex with pride — the unique pride of a Cuban double agent who once worked for the FBI. But now the [...] Continue reading
Glass House / Rebeca MonzoRebeca Monzo, Translator: Espirituana On Wednesday, September 28th, the newspaper Granma published on its front page an editorial titled: New Injustice of the United States against the Five Heroes. René González, one of the five Cuban spies jailed in the US, will be released this coming October 7th after having served [...] Continue reading
Cuba Needs Animal Protection LawSeptember 4, 2011Isbel Diaz Torres A few weeks ago on the TV news/commentary program "La Mesa Redonda" (The Roundtable) — known for its tedious monologues and a skewed approach to any subject — its producers had the surprisingly good judgment to take on the issue of environmental regulations in Cuba. I [...] Continue reading
Posted on Sunday, 06.26.11 Despite Mariel agreement, U.S. deports man to Cuba after almost 30 years Technically, only Cubans who arrived during the Mariel boatlift can be sent back to the island if they are criminals, but several cases of non-Mariel deportations have emerged.By ALFONSO One day in March 2010 Abraham Gonzalez, a Cuban [...] Continue reading
Posted on Tuesday, 06.21.11 IMMIGRATION Cubans who can't be deported could end up detained in U.S. Cubans with deportation orders are alarmed about a bill in Congress that immigrant rights activists say could lead to indefinite detentions.By ALFONSO Julio Muñoz, who arrived during the Mariel boatlift in 1980, spent more time in immigration detention [...] Continue reading

After painstakingly slow trial, jury quick to exonerate Cuban ex-CIA
agent on all 11 charges

By Associated Press, Saturday, April 9, 4:59 AM

EL PASO, Texas — During an 11-week trial that featured a seemingly
endless parade of 24 witnesses, federal prosecutors meticulously
presented the U.S. government's case against an elderly ex-CIA agent
from Cuba accused… Continue reading

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