Torture in Cuba
November 2019
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HBO Documentaries Illuminate Castro’s Brutal Cuba Two offerings coincide with strongman’s death. Glenn Garvin | December 3, 2016 HBO should get a little trophy from the television industry for giving executives something to talk about at holiday parties besides falling ratings and the specific level of Hell that should be reserved for whoever invented this […] Continue reading
LAWSUIT: OBAMA COVERS UP AMERICAN PRISONERS IN CUBA ‘Even the fate of the regime’s victims is of little concern’ BOB UNRUH President Obama’s campaign to mainstream the communist regime of Cuba has included the removal of the island nation from a list of terror sponsors, visits there by Secretary of State John Kerry and the […] Continue reading
Cuban Refugees Flocking to Texas Border by Julián Aguilar March 22, 2016 The same week President Obama makes the first trip to Cuba by an American president in almost 90 years, The Rolling Stones will play a free concert in Havana — the first open-air show there by a British rock band. But changing times […] Continue reading
Cuban Man Says He Relied on God to Survive 22 Years of Torture in Castro’s Gulag BY SAMUEL SMITH , CP REPORTER November 21, 2015|11:20 am A former Cuban prisoner of conscience who was imprisoned for opposing the Communist regime of Fidel Castro and used his own blood to write poetry throughout his 22-year detention […] Continue reading
Cuba and LGBT Rights ERNESTO ANTUNEZ 08.08.15 Reuters LGBT rights in Cuba are perplexing from an ideological standpoint. Communist theory itself is unclear on the issue of homosexuality. Logically, one would assume that, given communism’s emphatic support of abortion, disdain for the family unit and rejection of religiously based morality, its position on homosexuality would […] Continue reading
Cuban migrants could lose easy access to green cards Daniel González, The Republic | 9:21 p.m. MST February 21, 2015 STORY HIGHLIGHTS – Experts say the ‘wet-foot, dry-foot’ policy may soon end as U.S. and Cuba normalize relations – Fears that the policy could end has triggered a spike in Cuban migrants trying to […] Continue reading
US-Cuba deal to restore ties puts spotlight on island’s human rights record Published December 19, 2014 Associated Press HAVANA – To many exiles and their allies, President Raul Castro is a brutal dictator who locks up dissenters in gulag-like jails, snuffs out political discourse and condemns his people to socialist poverty. Cuba’s supporters see the […] Continue reading
Is Cuba Ready to Negotiate with the USA? November 19, 2014 Fernando Ravsberg* HAVANA TIMES — The governments of Cuba and the United States have maintained a series of negotiations in different areas of common interest for a number of years now. The two countries refer to such talks as “technical” in nature, but they […] Continue reading
Demystifying las UMAP: The Politics of Sugar, Gender, and Religion in 1960s Cuba Joseph Tahbaz ’15 History major Dartmouth College Abstract: The UMAP, las Unidades Militares de Ayuda a la Producción, were forced-work agricultural labor camps operated by the Cuban government during the mid-1960s in the east-central province of Camagüey. The current academic literature […] Continue reading
June 5, 2013 CUBA’s Cardinal Jaime Ortega must resign “Houston, we have a Communist” By Marielena Montesino de Stuart Is Cardinal Jaime Ortega emboldened by Francis’ rise to power? Why has Cardinal Ortega embarked on a brazen socialist propaganda scheme through the Archdiocese of Havana? Fifty four years of lies For more than 54 years [...] Continue reading
Visiting activists share Cuba’s human rights plight April 20, 2013 By Jasmine Rogers ( , The Marietta Times Cuba is only 90 miles from the shores of the U.S., but many more miles away in terms of human rights, a group of visiting activists shared with more than 100 area college students during a visit [...] Continue reading
Cuba: The State of Human Rights Posted 26 May 2012 19:35 GMT Written byJanine Mendes-Franco Countries Cuba The recent request for information by the United Nations' Committee Against Torture with regard to alleged human rights abuses in Cuba has got bloggers talking. Diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense said that despite the fact that "the United Nations [...] Continue reading
Open Letter from the Writer Ángel Santiesteban-Prats to the New President of Spain / Ángel SantiestebanAngel Santiesteban, Translator: Unstated Havana, 20 December 2011 President Mariano Rajoy, I turn to you on the day my daughter celebrates her birthday. Just thinking of the Cuban young people, I decided to write you these humble and sincere words [...] Continue reading

Premature thanks in Cuba
The myth of Raul the Reformer
By Daniel Allott
The Washington Times
4:21 p.m., Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It has been more than four years since Raul Castro assumed the duties of
the presidency of Cuba and more than 2 1/2 years since he officially
took over for his older brother, Fidel.… Continue reading

Humberto Fontova
Fidel Castro Apologizes to Gays, MSM Accepts
Email Humberto Fontova | Columnist's Archive

The oldest gay-rights organization in Latin America is taking Fidel
Castro to the International Court of justice in The Hague for "crimes
against humanity."

"What?!" snort the "enlightened." This clown got the news exactly
bass-ackwards! In fact, last week Fidel Castro… Continue reading

Cuba's embargo must go

It's time to end the counterproductive sanctions against Cuba, which
have only served to strengthen its brutal regime

John Keenan, Tuesday 24 November 2009 14.00 GMT

This month Europe celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the collapse
of the iron curtain. Tribute was paid the role the US played in helping… Continue reading

Posted on Friday, 05.29.09
Juan Juan Almeida's letter, translated by The Miami Herald
30 June 2006

My dear Loisi. Pardon me, Lieut. Col. Loisi:

I have an odd mania to not proofread my letters and to send them out
just the way I write them; but you must understand that when I wrote
''dear'' I was… Continue reading